什麼是 VESTA治療?


VESTA治療是治療軟組織疼痛和損傷的最新發明之一。 VESTA結合了西方和中國傳統的方法,利用射頻熱力(西方)的概念和刮沙(中國)的概念,通過刮沙的手法鬆解組織的黏連和放鬆筋膜。






  • 肌肉繃緊,肌肉和神經疼痛,關節炎,運動損傷可以從VESTA治療中受益

  •  例子:

    • 頸部疼痛

      • 頸部骨關節炎

      • 頸部繃緊

      • 揮鞭式頸部創傷

      • 斜頸 (瞓捩頸)

    • 肩痛

      • 肩膀僵硬和肩關節夾擊綜合症

      • 五十肩

      • 肩旋轉肌腱撕裂

    • 肘部和手臂疼痛

      • 網球肘

      • 高爾夫球肘

      • 前臂肌肉繃緊和神經線卡壓

    • 腰痛

      • 椎間盤或腰背部退化和肌肉繃緊

      • 關節炎

      •  強直性脊柱炎

    • 髖關節疼痛

      • 髖關節炎

      • 鼠蹊部收緊及僵硬

      • 髂脛束症候群

    • 大腿疼痛

      • 大腿後側傷(大腿膕繩肌肌腱拉傷)

      • 膝蓋/前膝疼痛

      • 膝關節炎

    • 小腿和腳

      • 小腿受傷和繃緊

      • 小腿肌腱疼痛

      • 足底筋膜炎(足跟疼痛和足部疼痛的常見原因之一)

Contraindication: Who should avoid VESTA therapy?

Most individuals would be a suitable candidate for VESTA therapy, but individuals that have metal implant and pacemaker should avoid VESTA therapy.

Don’t worry. Our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess you and make sure that VESTA therapy is indicated for you.

  • What to expect in your VESTA Therapy Session?

    • Our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your injury background

    • We will then proceed to VESTA Therapy

    • Our physiotherapist would release your painful and tight spot by medical grade scrapping mental blade that releases radiofrequency deep heat

  • Followed by electro-therapy to optimize your muscle activation and to improve circulation

  • Most if not all individuals report the ‘good pain’ during the VESTA Therapy and immediate pain relief after the therapy.


*VESTA Therapy should be operated by a trained medical professional, for example, doctor and physiotherapist.