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Vision of Health Integrated Physiotherapy and Pain Centre begins with the commitment to our community. We achieve this by our excellence in quality, service, and access. We provide a one-stop service for patients to cure sports, physical and musculoskeletal problems. So that they will avoid the need to spend time in finding appropriate and suitable solution.


Our professional staff plays an important role in delivering services to the clients. Hence, we prepare different trainings and activities to keep our staff up-to-date in handling various conditions. Also, we ensure our staff to work with passion and joy in the workplace and to maintain a good work-life balance.


Recognition is a vital element in health care sector. In order to gain and keep our community's recognition, we aim at responding to service needs effectively and professionally. Also, we realize that recognition comes with trust, so we strive to be honest, transparent and accountable to all parties


Health Integrated Physiotherapy and Pain Centre focuses on offering the best treatments to cater the service needs.

Self-empowerment is also crucial in our rehabilitation plan. We believe prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we assist our clients to establish their healthy lifestyle by offering them proper information and education in the forms of detailed explanation, supervision and guidance with the components of encouragement and motivation embedded.



Holistic care –We care for the whole person.

Effective – We keep seeking the best treatment with up-to-date evidence.

Active – We integrates both active and passive solutions in our services.

Listenable –We are willing to receive feedback and improve ourselves.

Truthful –We treat each individual with integrity and dignity.

Harmony – We create a workplace with the culture of teamwork and collaboration

Opening hours

Operating hours

Monday to Friday 10 am - 7 pm

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Sunday and Public Holidays By appointments

By Phone Call:+852 3691 8622

By WhatsApp:+852 9618 8119

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