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Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

What is Therapeutic Exercise?

Pain and injury are often the results of muscle imbalance, poor muscle coordination, strength & endurance deficit.

Therapeutic Exercise is the use of professionally designed exercises to treat and manage pain, improve posture, prevent injury and boost performance.

What is special about Therapeutic Exercise?

An experienced physiotherapist would assess your musculoskeletal system and investigate the deficit of your musculoskeletal system, being muscle imbalance, poor muscle coordination, strength & endurance deficit etc. The physiotherapist would then provide tailored specific exercises that address your underlying issue to improve pain and function.


Indication: Who would benefit from Therapeutic Exercise?

  • All individuals that suffer musculoskeletal pain would benefit from Therapeutic Exercise.

    • Headaches & Neck pain

      • Acute and chronic neck pain is associated with muscle tightness, muscle imbalance

    • Shoulder pain

      • Shoulder pain can be a result of shoulder cuff muscle imbalance, flexibility deficit and strength deficit resulting in pathological translation of the shoulder ball and socket joint, leading to shoulder impingement thus pain

    • Tennis elbow

      • Tennis elbow is correlated with strength deficit of wrist muscles and weakening of the tendon portion of wrist muscle. Loading exercise is essential for wrist muscle and tendon health.

    • Back pain

      • Poor posture and poor spine muscle control can result in back pain. Improve in back muscle strength and coordination have been shown to improve both acute and chronic back pain

    • Sciatica

      • Nerve gliding exercise and therapeutic exercise that restore lower back and hip alignment can reduce compression on the nerve roots and the sciatic nerve

    • Knee arthritis

      • A well-planned therapeutic strength exercise programme has shown to improve quality of life and function of individuals suffering knee arthritis

    • Ankle

Ankle sprain is the result of delayed timed muscle activation and strength deficit. Ankle stability exercise can prevent a second ankle sprain episode and restore ankle health.

Contraindication: Who should avoid Therapeutic Exercise?

Most individuals would be a suitable candidate for Therapeutic Exercise. Our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess you and provide you will the Therapeutic Exercise that is of your level and suit your condition the best.

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