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Special treatment Programmes

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Integrative Massage therapy

Our massage therapy is not merely for the relaxation of soul and muscles. Designed by our team of professionals which consists of doctors, registered physio therapist, exercises trainers, registered traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, we offer something more than just a simple massage. Assessment will be performed by our professional before one is deemed to be suitable for such therapy.


Integrative postural correction programme

The integrative postural correction programme correct postural problems that is very common among individual who works prolonged hours in a more sedative manner. The programme includes a first-time assessment by physiotherapist to provide proper assessment and ergonomic advice according to the client’s needs. After the first-time assessment, the client is advised to undergo a five time or ten times programme depending on the assessment result.  Our Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, massage therapists will also be available according to the scenarios accordingly.


Integrative Weight control programme

Our integrative weight control is a very intensive but effective programme designed for all who seeks to manage their weight in a healthy way. Assessment by professional doctors, physio


Objective assessment will also be carried out throughout the programme, which consists of the BMI, body fat composition, as well as a full report on the possible genetic factors that contribute to one’s body condition and weight.


The treatment regimen consists of a core programme and an optional complementary service to the discretion of the client.


The core programme includes a first-time assessment by our doctor, physio therapist, and nutritionist. A DNA Testing will be done by taking clients blood at the first appointment. The follow up one week after by doctor will be included to explain the report and to decide an exercise and conditioning programme that will be guided throughout by our professional physiotherapists. Nutritional counselling and advice will be provided by the nutritionist. A session of assessment by traditional Chinese medicine practitioner will be arranged on the second appointment for guidance on lifestyle to effectively control the body conditions and weight as part of the integrative weight control programme. 


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Optional programmes:

- green nutrition and no meat ego diet

- Cooking / nutritional class by green diet expert (name and link of our member Kai)

- Tai chi programme

- Yoga program for weight and posture

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