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Sonix Vibration Machine Sonix VM-15

Sonix Vibration Machine Sonix VM-15

Whis is Sonic Vibration Machine? 

Sonic Vibration is an exercise machine that creates sonic pulsation. It uses the most advanced science for delivering to the human body exercise waves of infrasound via electromagnetic technology. The Sonic Wave stimulates the muscle contraction and relaxation, increase muscle strength and improve blood circulation. It also makes more effective exercise available without burdening joints or ligaments. Depending on the user's physical condition and other conditions, the intensity of the frequency can be controlled to make self-paced movement possible.The machine is suitable for all men and women of all ages. 

Indication: Who would benefit from this machine?  

People who would like to improve their core stability, balance, endurance, stability, muscle strength and blood circulation.

Contraindication: Who should avoid 

People who have never had experience with sonic pulsation machine.

Most individuals would be a suitable candidate for sonic pulsation machine. 

What to expect in you sonic pulsation machine session?

  • The exercises can be easily adapted to your fitness level.
  • Be patient; it is important to start slow, as little by little you can train up to the full position. 
  • Breathe through the movement and be aware of your every movement. 

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