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Sonix Vibration Machine

Sonix Vibration Machine

Sonix Wave Full-body Workout Machine combines the electromagnetic technology and acoustic speakers to generate 3-50 Hz sonic waves which is transmitted to the body through the plate. The sonic energy stimulates the muscles fibers, bones and neural systems in our bodies. As the wave is not produced mechanically, the vibration delivered is more effective and efficient without harming the joints and ligaments. Therefore, it is a good partner for body conditioning.


  Benefits of using Sonix VM-15

  • Facilitate muscle strengthening & fat burning within three months (10 mins per time, three times per week)

  • Low frequency (3-25Hz) improves the recruitment of targeted muscles and balance

  • High frequency (26-50Hz) promotes blood circulation and deep muscles stimulation

  • Maintain or improve osteoporosis without side-effect

  • Promote skin & soft tissue repairing by increasing collagen synthesis

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