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What is VESTA Therapy?


VESTA Therapy is one of the latest inventions for treating soft tissue pain and injury. VESTA combined western and traditional Chinese approaches utilizing the concept of radiofrequency deep heat (Western) and the concept of scraping (Chinese) to optimize soft tissue healing by manipulating the tight muscle & fascia and breaking the scar tissue.

Individuals often report immediate pain relief and improved range of movement with VESTA Therapy.



Indication: Who would benefit from VESTA therapy?

Individuals suffering,

  • Muscle tightness, muscle & nerve pain, arthritis, sports injury might benefit from VESTA Therapy

  • Example:

    • Neck pain

      • Neck osteoarthritis

      • Neck tightness

      • Whiplash injury

      • Wry Neck

    • Shoulder pain

      • Stiff shoulder and shoulder impingement

      • Frozen shoulder (The 50-year-old shoulder)

      • Rotator cuff tear

    • Elbow and arm pain

      • Tennis elbow

      • Golfer’s elbow

      • Forearm tightness and nerve entrapment

    • Lower back pain

      • Disc or low back degeneration with associated muscle tightness

      • Lower back osteoarthritis arthritis

      • Ankylosing spondylitis

    • Hip pain

      • Hip arthritis

      • Groin stiffness and tightness

      • Hip ITB friction syndrome

    • Thigh pain

      • Hamstring injury

      • Knee cap pain

      • Knee arthritis

    • Calf and foot

      • Calf injury & tightness

      • Calf tendon pain

      • Plantar fascitis (a very common cause of heel pain and foot pain)

Contraindication: Who should avoid VESTA therapy?

Most individuals would be a suitable candidate for VESTA therapy, but individuals that have metal implant and pacemaker should avoid VESTA therapy.

Don’t worry. Our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess you and make sure that VESTA therapy is indicated for you.

  • What to expect in your VESTA Therapy Session?

    • Our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your injury background

    • We will then proceed to VESTA Therapy

    • Our physiotherapist would release your painful and tight spot by medical grade scrapping mental blade that releases radiofrequency deep heat

  • Followed by electro-therapy to optimize your muscle activation and to improve circulation

  • Most if not all individuals report the ‘good pain’ during the VESTA Therapy and immediate pain relief after the therapy.


*VESTA Therapy should be operated by a trained medical professional, for example, doctor and physiotherapist.

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